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AI Startup Aim To Put an End to Workplace Harassment

Phil Libin is a Russian-born businessman who served as CEO of the not-taking app Evernote from 2007 to 2015. Also in 2015 Libin teamed up with General Catalyst Partners to become its fourth partner and stepped down as CEO of Evernote in 2016. In 2017, Libin founded an artificial intelligence (AI) called All Turtles and it’s from there that’s he funding several different budding entrepreneurs.

“We’re a studio in the way HBO and Netflix are studios,” says Libin. “We attract brilliant people who are talented in their fields. But instead of TV shows, we help make products.” One of those products was launched earlier this month and is a startup called Spot.

Spot is the creation of memory expert and psychological scientist Dr Julia Shaw and former Evernote employees Dylan Marriott and Daniel Nicolae. This advanced AI development is designed to make it easier for victims of workplace harassment to report their instances anonymously.

“We think that the current conversation about sexual harassment is a great starting point for a wider discussion, “ said Shaw. “Spot is for everyone, regardless of whether you are affected of sex, race, age, religious beliefs or other characteristics.”

By integrating science, AI, and chatbots all into one, Spot is able to conduct so-called “cognitive interviews” to gather the details about the actual harassment. It’s done via the web and can be done completely anonymously.

According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, as many as three-quarters of all sexual harassment cases as work go unreported. The aim of Spot is to get that number a lot lower.

Not only does the AI give employees somewhere to report instances to where they won’t feel victimised in any way, but it also enables employers to quickly identify the culprits and immediately inform human resources when an incident does take place.

Based in London, Spot is just one of many AI startups trying to address the harassment at work and school issue. Botler.ai was launched earlier this year. It uses AI to provide legal assistance to its clients as and when they need it. The way it does this is by using natural language processing (NLP) to scan online content and conversations to ensure all are appropriate and within the realms of the law. Callisto is another similar AI application that’s by colleges to pick up any repeat sex offenders.

Source Barrons

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