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Anglian Water Invests in AI-Powered Energy Storage Machine

In a case that shows the widespread penetration of artificial intelligence in various industries, Anglian Water recently bought a 60kW/300kWh redT energy storage machine for installation together with a 450kWp solar PV system, particularly at one of its Norfolk-based water treatment works.

The redT machine boasts the potential to deliver a minimum of 5 hours of energy storage. What’s more, it does not degrade as is the case with conventional lead-acid or lithium batteries.

Based on reports from Anglian Water, the redT machine will be installed with Open Energi’s Dynamic Demand 2.0’ software. This software leverages artificial intelligence technology to not only optimize energy consumption but also stack multiple demand-side value streams.

The 60kW/30kWh redT energy storage machine will help Anglian Water in storing excess solar that is generated during the day and in turn, utilize it at other times. According to the company, such stored energy will help it in minimizing the Norfolk site ’s dependence on the grid while enabling the optimization of a £77 million energy bill, which marks one of the largest operational costs for the company.

The energy storage machine will allow Anglian Water to boost solar generation by 80%, mainly at its Norfolk site. The solar generation is anticipated to rise from the current 248kWp to 450kWp.

The company also said that the machine would assist in the provision of real-time balancing services in a bid to take advantage of the wholesale energy price arbitrage. In addition, Anglian Water projects that the undertaking would help in cutting down site electricity bills by 50% a year by 2040.

Anglian Water’s Director of Alliances and Integrated Supply Chain Jason Tucker said that the company is excited to be at the industry’s front row seat as far as an executing such a revolutionary project is concerned.

He went ahead to state that the Pathfinder incorporates instead of simply co-locating, storage and solar. Tucker concluded his remarks by saying that Anglian Water ’s approach would assist it in developing future-proof solutions intended for managing energy not only more efficiently but also flexibly while at the same time increasing resilience.

The chief executive officer of redT Scott McGregor stated that their machines work together with on-site generation in an effort to provide enterprises with their own local energy infrastructure as well as develop the environment needed for baseload renewables. For this reason, he said that the energy system would allow Anglian to exploit cheaper solar on-site and boost energy generation from 248kWp to 450kWp.

Open Energi’s intelligent software entails that such assets can be managed flexibly in an effort to provide the ideal possible results for businesses. They can also help in creating revenue, cutting expenses and making the most out of the renewable power that is produced on-site.

According to Anglian Water, the new redT energy storage machine is part of a 25-year project for the company. The programme will help in reducing CO2 emissions by 1500 tonnes and bolster renewable production by an estimated 25%. The company expected the project to deliver yearly savings in excess of £1 million.

Source EnvironmentalJournal

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