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AI Startup Tact.ai Secures $27M to Provide Voice Intelligence to Enterprise

Although for more than three decades enterprise software has revolved around digitizing systems of records, the data entry and consumption burden has been left to the users.

Nonetheless, companies now cannot only digitize human workflows but also get rid of the friction that is made by enterprise applications, if only they take advantage of artificial intelligence technologies operation on edge device.

Tact.ai is a new AI startup that provides sellers with a new workflow system intended for removing friction from daily sales operations. By using artificial intelligence (AI)-driven Tact assistant, sellers can manage their customer interactions and deal flow in a way that involves more conversations. This way is akin to naturally playing music through Alexa.

The conversational artificial intelligence (AI) sales platform revealed that it had raised $27 million in its recently completed Series C round. The funds are meant to help the company in delivering voice intelligence to business sales teams.

New investors who took part in the funding round included Salesforce Ventures, Comcast Ventures, and Amazon Alexa Fund. On the other hand, the existing or previous investors including Upfront Ventures, Redpoint Ventures, M12 (previously known as Microsoft Ventures) and Accel Partners were all participants in the exercise.

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The latest financing round raked in an investment amount that pushed the company’s total financing to more than $57 million.

Prem Parameswaran and Chuck Ganapathi are the brains behind the creation of Tact. ai back in 2012. Ganapathi is the former Siebel and Salesforce executive. He is known for spearheading Tact.ai’s mission of making enterprise software more human-friendly.

The startup’s conversational AI sales platform is utilized by sales teams at various companies including Kelly Services, Cisco Systems, and GE among other Fortune 500 businesses, particularly in driving revenue growth through getting rid of friction in their day-to-day sales operations.

Tact.ai Technologies operates as a privately-held company that is backed by several companies including the Amazon Alexa Fund, Salesforce Ventures, Comcast Ventures, M12 (formerly known as Microsoft Ventures), Upfront Ventures, Accel Partners and Redpoint Ventures.

Luca Felli, Cisco Sytems’ leader of digital experience and analytics, said that sales experts cannot afford to get stuck when moving from one app to another in a move to find the ideal combination of insights and data.

He went ahead to say that Tact.ai’s potential to meet sellers during their daily work activities offers a frictionless all-round experience when it is most required.

Sales teams belong to Tact.ai’s Fortune 50 customers utilize Tact AI, Assistant, as their only pane of glass over the client data, which is spread out across numerous enterprise applications like legacy databases, calendar, CRM, and email. Even so, the Tact AI Assistant is available on both Android and iOS, voice services such as Alexa and Cortana as well as messaging platforms such as Slack WebEx Teams and Microsoft Teams.

Tact.ai is currently introducing two new features to its platform including an Intelligent Workspace and Voice Intelligence. The Voice Intelligence capability provides conversation-powered workflows that enable sellers to control their business applications using natural language in-car.

The main features of the new Voice Intelligence engine include System-Initiated Conversations, Dynamic Narratives, Situational Context, Nonlinear Dialog Flows, and Adaptive Organizational Ontologies.


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