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Home Media Adobe Analytics Launches AI Assistant to Help Users Find Deeper Insights

Adobe Analytics Launches AI Assistant to Help Users Find Deeper Insights

Adobe Analytics is a complex product. In fact, it may make users concentrate on a group of metrics at the expense of missing vital insights.

Recently, Adobe launched an AI-driven virtual assistant dubbed Intelligent Alerts to aid users in finding deeper insights that they may have otherwise missed.

Adobe Analytics’ director of product management John Bates said that in the past, the company had utilized machine learning and artificial intelligence under the field of analytics in helping their users better comprehend their customer’s behavior.

By so doing, this will be the first time for Adobe Analytics to utilize technology in understanding how the user functions with analytics to deliver new data that they may have failed to consider.

“Historically we’ve analyzed the data that we collect on behalf of our customers; on behalf of brands and help provide insights.

Now we’re analyzing our users’ behavior within Adobe Analytics, and then mashing them up with those insights that are most relevant and personalized for that individual, based on the signals that we see and how they use our tool,” explained Bates.

According to Bates, the Intelligent Alerts are not dissimilar to Netflix recommendations, which suggest content on the basis of other movies and shows that you may have watched before, but they implement it to the enterprise user, particularly somebody who is conversant with Adobe Analytics.

This is because such power users deliver the strongest signals to the artificial intelligence engine.

The way the AI-driven virtual assistant functions is that the analyst receives some alerts, which they can dig into to provide them with extra insights.

In case, they do not like what they are seeing, they can tweak the system and, in turn, it ought to learn over time what the analyst requires in terms of data.

“It’s really a vision and strategy around how do we take things that data scientists do, and how we inject that into our technology such that an everyday user of Adobe Analytics can leverage the power of these advanced algorithms to help them better understand their customers and better perform in their jobs,” said Bates.

Source TechCrunch

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