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3 Ways How AI Will Transform Content Marketing

The impact of artificial intelligence on digital marketing and content marketing, in particular, is undeniable.

However, the truth is that this is just the beginning of the improvements and changes that AI is expected to bring to content marketing.

This piece looks at some of the changes in a bid to gain a better understanding of what the future has in store. Here are three ways that show how AI is expected to transform content marketing:

Additional Personalized Content

Among AI’s key functions is its potential to assess large volumes of data and interpret them.

This marks an impressive aspect that can trigger massive effects on marketing and in particular content marketing.

Among the effects of AI is that it will aid content marketers in understanding precisely who they are targeting, particularly in a way consumers expect as opposed to a creepy manner.

For instance, a Salesforce study discovered that 76% of all consumers expect businesses to comprehend their expectations and needs.

Content is not different from other marketing forms as far as personalization is concerned since customers need a personalized experience, including seeing only the content that is important to them.

As such, how will AI help in creating such content?

For this case, it is all about segmentation and data: artificial intelligence can take in massive volumes of data and assist you in segmenting it easily.

When it comes to the audience, artificial intelligence can assist in understanding who exactly makes up your audience, what platforms they use mainly, what type of content is appealing to them, and among other things.

Create Improved Content Marketing Plans with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Marketing Assistant

AI is already influencing content marketing through artificial intelligence (AI) marketing assistants such as IBM Watson’s Lucy.

Lucy is a powerful tool designed to help marketers in researching, segmenting and planning. The AI assistant can execute more work in a single minute compared to what a whole marketing team can do in months.

So, how does a marketing assistant such as Lucy operate?

For starters, Lucy has the potential of absorbing and analyzing almost all the data owned by the company or that has been licensed or commissioned.

Additionally, after absorbing all the data, you can ask it any question irrespective of how sophisticated it is, and it will give you an answer:

  • What areas should be targeted first?
  • What combination of content should marketers create for their audience?
  • What are your competitors doing?
  • What key personality traits does your audience have?

Companies ought to answer such questions in a bid to come up with an effective plan. However, getting such answers is not as easy as it sounds, especially when you lack a tool such as Lucy.

The possibilities of such AI-based marketing assistants do not end here, as:

  • They can help you in planning your content marketing strategies by looking at how varying strategies would work as well as the results to expect.
  • They can also aid in creating clear and sophisticated segments relating to your target audience to allow you to come up with highly personalized content.
  • Systems such as Lucy are expected to influence content marketing greatly as they become more popular and affordable. Also, they will assist companies in understanding not only their audience but also their data.

Will Artificial Intelligence Phase out Content Writing Jobs Entirely?

As expected, powerful technology such as AI can cause certain worries, for instance, will all the content be written by machines in the coming years? Will it take over your job?

If artificial intelligence can assess this volume of data and make human-like choices based on such data, irrefutably better decisions, can’t it also come up with content, just as well or even better compared to humans?

This situation has already taken shape in the journalism world. In fact, the Associated Press published a short financial story dubbed: “Apple tops Street IQ forecast”. This piece could have been written appropriately by a real human being. However, once you read it until the end, you will notice that it was “generated” by Automated Insights or rather a “robot journalist”.

Will AI Phase out Content Marketing Jobs?

AI will undeniably become a bigger part of digital marketing.

In fact, the technology has taken over several aspects of our lives and even threatening to phase out several jobs.

Although no one can predict the future, the present events show that AI will greatly influence content marketing – from developing comprehensive marketing plans based on massive data volumes to automatically creating content, marketers can be expected to begin applying artificial intelligence(AI) more in all their activities.

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KC Cheung
KC Cheung has over 18 years experience in the technology industry including media, payments, and software and has a keen interest in artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, neural networks and its applications in business. Over the years he has worked with some of the leading technology companies, building and growing dynamic teams in a fast moving international environment.
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