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Insurers Using Artificial Intelligence to Fight Fraud

According to FBI reports, insurance fraud including bogus claims and shady brokers cost insurance...

HSBC’s Latest High Profile Hire: Pepper the AI Robot

For many years, banks have utilized technology for back-office activities such as regulatory compliance,...

Commerzbank Using AI to Write Research Reports

As the relevance of artificial intelligence in different fields continues to become more apparent...

JPMorgan Creates an AI-Powered Virtual Assistant

With the world continuously learning more about artificial intelligence and its potential, each industry...

First Canadian Life Insurer to Underwrite Using AI

With the ongoing adoption as well as research and development in artificial intelligence, the...

AI Could Replace 10,000 Jobs at Citi’s Investment Bank

Investment banking leaders envision a future whereby machines will take over tasks that are...

Goldman Sachs used Machine Learning to Determine World Cup Outcomes & Gets a Clear Winner

Artificial intelligence is undeniably taking the world by storm. It has penetrated different fields...

EquBot Launches an AI-Driven International Equity ETF

EquBot, a well-known company in integrating deep learning financial analysis with the cognitive ability...

Mastercard Launches AI Express to Accelerate Adoption of AI

Artificial intelligence is no doubt transforming how humankind conducts business, operates, lives or receives...

Real-time Deep Learning Powered Market Predictions for Bloomberg Users

New or emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence are rapidly taking over the finance...


Top 25 AI Software for the Banking Industry

AI software is a major growth industry. Tractica predicts that by 2025 it will be worth $118.6 billion dollars. This growth is largely being driven...

Data Science – 8 Powerful Applications

Data science is one of the most exciting emerging fields. As we will see throughout the course of this article it is increasingly becoming an...

10 Powerful Applications of AI in Retail

As we can see from its current applications, the potential uses for artificial intelligence in retail are endless. Artificial intelligence in retail has become a...

10 Applications of Machine Learning in Oil & Gas

The modern business world is becoming increasingly technology-driven. Many areas, such as healthcare, have been quick to realise the possibilities. AI and machine learning...

Top 10 Applications of AI in Law

As new technologies continue to develop and evolve they are increasingly impacting other areas and professions. The role of artificial intelligence in law is...

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine – Top 10 Applications

Our ability to find ways to heal our bodies dates back to the stone age, we found many solutions in nature, but in order...