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Salesforce’s Einstein Integrates AI with CRM

Salesforce's Einstein Integrates AI with CRM
Image: Salesforce

Recently, Salesforce launched new tools intended for its customer service platform that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to simplify the work of its agents.

The Salesforce Service Cloud now boasts artificial intelligence (AI) enhanced robots or bots that use customer data to deliver customized responses.

What’s more, the bots can identify when a customer is less or more likely to purchase an improved product. As such, it can send fee waivers and discounts to retain clients who are more likely to cease using the product.

Currently, customers already anticipate an interaction between themselves and an automated chatbot, mainly when seeking help from Salesforce’s customer service department. Nonetheless, the bot is expected to start making its decisions soon.

Salesforce is launching upgrades to its Service Cloud client service platform, a $2.9 billion enterprise for the firm in this year’s fiscal. The platform accounted for about 30% of Salesforce’s total revenue. The updates are anticipated to allow companies not only to make artificial intelligence (AI)-informed choices but also automate routine conversations.

Firms such as Hulu that utilize Salesforce’s Service Cloud as the main hub for customer service talks currently can gain access to Einstein AI-driven bots from Salesforce.

According to the company, the bots help to save customer service agents a great deal of time since they automate routine conversations to allow humans to concentrate on more complex customer concerns.

Furthermore, they are well-designed to allow a customer to know when he or she is speaking to a human agent versus a bot.

Marco Casalaina, Einstein’s vice president of product management, said to the Business Insider that humans are a little confused by bots that respond to them instantly. As such, the Einstein AI team included a configurable delay of some few milliseconds in a bid to allow individuals to collect their thoughts in between the conversation or responses.

Casalaina failed to comment on Salesforce’s competitors such as LivePerson and Intercom, who are said to have similar products.

However, he is convinced that his company’s artificial intelligence technology and access to an array of customer data makes it distinguishable in the market. The newly released Service Cloud bots rely on AI to help them decide what to say.

According to Casalaina, other systems only have straight rules, which are not as powerful as the use of AI. In the world of bots, rules entail the if/then directions, which a system follows without relying on extra data such as a customer’s previous buying history to make decisions.

The new tools were made to eliminate guesswork from the customer service team. The AI input is said to inform another new element referred to as Next Best Actions, which provides human customer service personnel with suggestions on how to push forward a customer conversation. Although the new feature is currently in beta-testing, Salesforce intends to launch it soon.

Salesforce Einstein was first unveiled in September 2016. It is an AI platform that operates behind Salesforce’s entire wide array of cloud products in a bid to customize insights and analytics to each customer.

Source BusinessInsider