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Top 50 RPA Tools – A Comprehensive Guide

Top 50 RPA Tools & RPA Software

RPA software and RPA tools play a vital role in automation.

As the drive for automation continues, RPA is increasingly becoming more advanced and useful in a range of situations.

When implemented successfully automation can optimise a business, improving productivity while cutting waste.

Robotic process automation, or RPA for short, is key to successful automation.

It is particularly useful for automating repetitive, rules-based manual tasks.

Often RPA fails because the people implementing it fail to understand how it, or try to implement it in the wrong scenario.

However as automation grows in popularity, more people are developing and deploying versatile RPA software and tools.

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The Benefits of RPA Make it a Fast Growth Sector

Automating repetitive tasks is a key benefit of RPA, enabling skilled workers to focus on more high-value tasks.

It can also help to reduce costs and human error while optimizing workflow and ensuring a minimum standard is maintained.

RPA software enables both structured and unstructured data to be processed, and for informative insights to be derived.

This is increasingly important in the digital world.

When the potential benefits are considered, it is unsurprising to learn that RPA is one of the tech industry’s fastest-growing sectors.

In recent years a number of leading venture capitalist firms have invested in RPA focused startups such as Automation Anywhere and UiPath.

Grand View Research Inc has forecasted that spending on the RPA sector will reach $8.75 billion by 2024.

This article will highlight some of the most innovative and versatile RPA software and RPA tools currently being implemented.

Many of these are operating in a range of different industries, while others are purpose-built for certain tasks or businesses.

The RPA tools and software highlighted on this list will also reveal the impact that RPA is already having. The following is the complete list of RPA software vendors listed in alphabetical order. 

Another Monday

Another Monday aims to use RPA software to make the workplace a more efficient place.

This is achieved by automating time-consuming, monotonous tasks.

Identified as a visionary in Gartner’s 2019 magic quadrant, the company has a number of RPA focused products under the AM Ensemble umbrella.

Unlike other pieces RPA software that focuses on the operational or development phase, Ensemble is an end to end solution.

This allows for both development and maintenance.

AM Ensemble is designed to enable easy, the complete synergy between robots, human workers across all departments.

Another Monday RPA Tools Screenshot


Singapore based company AntWorks aims to develop RPA tools that fit into a wider process of automation.

Their tools and solutions enable organizations to easily scale their deployments.

The AntWorks platform, Antstein, uses fractal science alongside a precise data ingestion engine to produce clean data.

Antstein is capable of interpreting all forms of data.

After interpretation, it turns the data into useful, reliable information that is less likely to produce exceptions.

This helps to make more data available to businesses, allowing for a better understanding of their business and customer base.

Argos Labs

California based Argos Labs has been providing online service monitoring solutions since 2010.

The ARGOS RPA+ platform provides a range of RPA tools and solutions.

The aim of this platform is to make simplify processing and data testing.

Easy to build and scale, the platform operates on a range of systems.

It is also easy to customize and is future proof.

This means that users can build a tailor-made, robust solution.

The ARGOS platform enables the construction of bots that automate processes and tasks.

This application of automation allows workers to concentrate on more high-value operations.

Unlike other platforms, ARGOS offers mobile support.

This helps to make their solution versatile, accessible and adaptable for a range of scenarios and operations.

ARGOS RPA+ platform provides a range of RPA tools and solutions.

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Atos Syntel

Atos Syntel aims to provide advanced, automated management services

Their SyntBots are a versatile and customizable automation platform.

SyntBots operate in a number of areas, including IT operations, product engineering, and processes.

When deployed Syntbots automate application and infrastructure management.

This allows the workflow to be automated and optimized.

A responsive solution, Syntbots help to cut waste and improve efficiency in a range of scenarios.

Atos Syntel RPA is owned by Atos, a global IT firm headquartered in France

Automai RPA

Automai specializes in creating solutions that enable businesses to automate testing and monitoring procedures.

Their flexible RPA tools allow businesses to automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks.

Code-free, their systems are both accessible and flexible.

This allows for gradual automation to take place.

Automai’s scalability also means that their RPA tools can be adapted and used in both large and small businesses.

This versatility means that the systems and automation bots can grow and evolve alongside the business.

Automai RPA software

Automation Anywhere

Automation promises to free workers from mundane, repetitive tasks.

Automation Anywhere develop RPA tools with this clear goal in mind.

Their Enterprise platform aims to provide a reliable and accessible cloud-based RPA software.

Secure and future proof their solutions are used by a range of leading organizations from Hitachi to Melbourne University.

Here their bots perform a range of tasks including helping to improve security, enhance processes and improve compliance.

Automation Anywhere CEO and Co-Founder Mihir Shukla is a high profile figure in RPA software industry


Relative newcomers to the stage, AutomationEdge are already delivering RPA solutions to leading companies such as American Express.

Their bundle of intelligent RPA tools enables users to automate front, middle, and back-office operations.

Among AutomationEdge’s products are integrated chatbots and machine learning tools.

These help users to scale their business while also reducing costs.

Blue Prism

Named a market leader in Ovum Decision Matrix on RPA platforms.

Blue Prism products are currently used by a range of organizations such as the NHS.

Here Blue Prism has helped to reduce operating costs while improving process accuracy and operational agility.

The Blue Prism platform works alongside current operating systems, it doesn’t replace them.

This means that implementation is easy and affordable.

The Blue Prism Intelligent RPA platform is a secure, flexible product.

Its accessible drag and drop interface enables you to scale and assign tasks to RPA software bots.

David Moss Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of RPA Software company Blue Prism

Celatron inSTREAM

Since 2004 Celatron has been “helping companies achieve efficiencies in processing inbound documents”.

Celatron’s inSTREAM platform differs from traditional RPA solutions that seek to automate tasks within a process.

Instead, inSTREAM aims to automate the end-to-end process.

To do this inSTREAM utilizes machine learning and other sophisticated tools to create bots and automation solutions.

When implemented these optimise the workforce and workflow process, speeding up process time while reducing costs.

Celaton Robotic Process Automation Tool

Cicero Automation

Cicero aims to use automation to improve human and robotic productivity.

Their flexible RPA tools enable deep sensor data to be collected and analyzed at a micro-skill level.

By employing detailed analysis and sophisticated algorithms Cicero is able to produce a complete, all-round picture.

Their RPA software is able to identify data patterns and trends within complex noise pictures.

Cicero then presents this information in an accessible, understandable format.

Presenting the data in this way allows the customer to make data-driven decisions that benefit their business.

It also enables internal conversations leading to the provision of effective user support.

Simple to use, Cicero’s RPA software works alongside existing systems.

This means that automation adoption doesn’t require a major overhaul of existing systems and processes.

Cicero RPA Screenshot

ClearSoftware ClearProcess

ClearSoftware aims to help organizations automate as much of their operations as possible.

Their ClearProcess RPA tools enable scalable end-to-end automation for even complex processes.

Designed to speed up and streamline processes, ClearProcess bots are able to work in any system in a network.

It is already being used by a number of companies including Rush Enterprises.

Here ClearProcess RPA tools are helping to optimize the ordering process, consolidating it onto a single screen.

This simplification has helped to reduce data errors, ensuring a robust and reliable system.

ClearProcess RPA tools enable end to end automation of complex processes


Workflow automation developers CloudStorm have already worked with large companies such as Deloitte and Microsoft.

Their RPA-as-a-service solution provides RPA software for complete and seamless automation.

As well as the ability to autoscale maintenance-free automation bots, CloudStorm also provides continued support.

This helps to ensure that automated workflow processes continue to function seamlessly with minimal human interaction.

CloudStorm sees themselves first and foremost as end-to-end service providers.

This means that they maintain and deploy the bots, allocating more to a system during peak or busy periods.

By providing support themselves, users don’t need to hire developers or create specialized centers of excellence in their own company.

This makes CloudStream an ideal option for smaller businesses or those with limited resources.

CloudStream strives to work with its customers, ensuring that the RPA tools they deliver provide the best possible service.

Contextor (SAP)

Initially, a producer of ERP software, today SAP provides end-to-end enterprise application and RPA software.

Their products enable users to build intelligent ML-driven bots and conversational AI tools.

SAP also provides ready-made bots, that are compatible with SAP software.

Futureproof and able to operate on a cloud, Contextor enables the automation of many repetitive and manual tasks.

By speeding up process time, skilled workers are able to focus on high-value tasks and customer satisfaction levels are improved.

SAP’s tools enable users to create a stable automated workforce that operates without the need for constant monitoring.

SAP was late to spot the potential of RPA. It acquired Contextor, to help accelerate the development of its Leonardo machine learning portfolio

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Cortex Intelligent Automation

Cortex provides intelligent automation and RPA software that aims to improve productivity and operational agility.

Their Intelligent Automation RPA software is designed to help integrate robotic workers into a human workforce.

Robotic workers working alongside the human workforce is key to good automation.

It can also help to speed up and optimize workflow processes while maintaining standards, reducing costs and eliminating human error.

Cortex Intelligent Automation systems can work on small, repetitive tasks, such as invoice processing.

They can also be scaled up to process larger tasks such as end-to-end claims handling management.

Cortex Intelligent Automation RPA solution designed to work in collaboration with humans


Datamatics construct intelligent solutions that are specifically designed to enhance productivity and customer experience.

Their solutions are constructed with the target market of data-driven companies in mind.

Their TruBot RPA software solution enables users to create a bot that can carry out simple, or complicated, tasks.

In 2019 implementation of TruBot helped an Indian leading private sector bank to increase their customer satisfaction levels by 90%.

This earned Datamatics the runners up award in the FinTech Innovation Awards 2019.

EdgeVerve Systems

Infosys subsidiary Edgeverve Systems develops solutions aimed at helping businesses connect with customers and thrive in the digital world.

Their AssistEdge RPA tools provide an end-to-end service that allows users a holistic means of building and implementing RPA.

EdgeVerve has also designed ‘Albie’, a cognitive engine.

Albie leverages data from a range of sources, delivering “pervasive intelligence across process design, management, and execution”.

This approach to data process allows AssistEdge to unify the human-digital workforce.

By working alongside each other, optimizing work processes and improving decision making while eliminating human errors.

EdgeVerve AssistEdge RPA software is part of Indian IT conglomerate Infosys


Enterprise software provider’s Epiance helps companies manage IT-driven business process transformations.

Epiance’s RPA software platform helps companies to improve process execution.

It also allows users to build dynamic workflows that cope with branch points, integrated performance enhancement forms, automation, and custom scripts, triggers and data reading.

All of this is stored in a central repository making access and management easy.

Epiance software solutions enable smooth process knowledge transfer as well as improving data-driven processes and demand performance.

Their RPA software comprises of robust architecture and provides sophisticated tools to help automate and define the workflow process.

By automating with Epiance users are able to significantly reduce the need for human intervention.

Additionally, Epiance RPA tools help to improve throughput, accuracy, and efficiency while reducing costs and errors.


G1ant provides powerful RPA software aimed at developers.

Their solutions allow users to create a robot to automate any repetitive task.

The software is capable of interacting with a computer system interface in the same way a human worker would.

This makes it both accessible and flexible, it works alongside existing systems meaning there is no need to upgrade.

Scalable and robust G1ant’s solutions help to automate and optimise repetitive tasks, reducing errors and costs whilst ensuring standards are maintained.

Red Bull, DPD and FujiFilm are just some of the companies already using G1ant RPA software to optimise their processes.

G1ant provides powerful RPA software aimed at developers.


GIBots aims to empower enterprises.

By utilizing their RPA platform and AI bots GIBots customers can manage both process and compliance in all areas of business.

GIBots have developed the Enterprise RPA platform.

This enables users to leverage machine learning and AI tools.

Utilizing the Enterprise RPA platform allows for the transformation and automation of business processes.

This helps a business to optimize the work process, reducing costs and error rates while standardizing production.

GridOne AutomateOne

Korean based GridOne is a leading provider of AI solutions and RPA tools.

AutomateOne is the company’s leading RPA platform.

Under the umbrella of AutomateOne GridOne has combined a variety of AI and RPA tools.

This platform enables users to automate repetitive and difficult tasks.

This allows the workflow process to be sped up and optimized.

It also enables users to reduce the time and money lost to human error, training, and substandard production.

Korean RPA company’s GridOne AutomateOne


IT infrastructure software developers HelpSystems create programs that automate and monitor processes.

This allows users to easily access to vital information, such as customer contact details or preferences.

HelpSystems Automate RPA platform includes Automate Desktop.

This enables users to enjoy desktop automation through configurable robots.

Another HelpSystems development is Automate Plus.

An RPA platform, Automate Plus is scalable and robust, offering a secure framework in which workflow can be automated.

HelpSystems Automate RPA platform includes Automate Desktop.

HPA (Cognizant)

HPA aims to make RPA tools available to every company and organization.

Their robots are reliable, flexible and scalable.

Meaning that they can fit into any organization, growing with the business.

Flexible and scalable, HPA’s robotic solutions can be deployed around the clock to carry out a range of data and administrative tasks.

HPA’s RPA tools are already being deployed in a range of industries such as the financial sector.

Here they can help to monitor regulatory compliance as well as eliminating back-office inefficiencies and reducing claims backlogs.

HPA’s solutions can help to automate rules-based tasks, allowing skilled employees to focus on more high-value tasks.

This, in turn, helps to increase productivity and customer satisfaction.


Ikarus provide AI-augmented platforms for business process automation.

Their Allspark scalable RPA software is both user-friendly and secure.

Ikarus’ next-generation platforms enable RPA tools to operate on a range of systems.

This means that they can complete a range of repetitive functions and tasks, evolving and maturing thanks to historic learning capabilities.

Their automation products can be scaled to process in a number of industries, optimizing data management and documentation processing.

Allspark is capable of identifying and extracting relevant information from large unstructured datasets such as invoices, presenting it as useful information.

Ikarus provide AI-augmented platforms to simplified complex processes


Intellibot provides RPA software that is designed to be reliable, secure, scalable and cloud compatible.

Intellibot RPA platform offers customized solutions.

These enable businesses to design RPA tools and RDA projects.

They also enable and support compliance management as well as other rules-based office tasks.

Intellibot can help to optimize workflow while cutting costs and improving customer service levels.

Capable of growing with a business, the versatile Intellibot is available via a cloud or standalone dashboard.


Jacada aims to deliver an RPA platform that automates customer service provision.

An end-to-end service it enables intelligent self-service and agent engagement.

Jacada’s customer service robotic automation hub allows the user complete control.

Here you can design and power your bot before deploying it where it is most necessary.

Jacada’s systems can be deployed in a range of sectors and industries such as call centers.
Here automation can help with some of the most time-consuming tasks such as password management.

Jacada’s platform helps to improve digital adoption, by as much as 50%, as well as helping to cut costs and speed up training time.

Jacada aims to deliver an RPA platform that can automate customer services


Jidoka is part of Appian, a global leader in multiple enterprise technology markets.

The RPA tools produced under the Jidoka name are solutions designed to aid top-down automation implementation.

Their fully integrated services offer powerful governance, meaning that they can be centrally managed, monitored and deployed.

This allows the user complete control over the system from their computer or tablet.

Jidoka’s automation bots can be deployed in complex business processes, helping to streamline and optimize workflow.

A flexible, scalable service, Jidoka has already partnered with a range of businesses including AeroMexico and Ricoh.


Kofax provides an intelligent RPA software platform.

This is driven by the use of RPA tools alongside analytics, process orchestration, and cognitive capture.

Combining sophisticated tools in this way has enabled Kofax to deliver visible results.

Kofax’s RPA platform helps companies to grow while reducing costs and optimizing basic or repetitive tasks.

Kofax systems are ideal for information-heavy operations.

Their platforms help to optimise processes while reducing costs, manual work, and human error.

Kofax RPA tools alongside analytics, process orchestration, and cognitive capture.


Since 2008 Kryon has been developing RPA tools that enable workloads to be delegated to virtual, off-site machines.

Kryon has also developed full-cycle RPA platform solutions.

These enable mundane tasks to be automated, allowing workers to focus on more valuable aspects of their role.

HPE chose to use Kryon to automate contract renewal transactions.

This was part of a process migrating existing customers to new contracts.

The Kryon Unattended robots completed this task, comprising of 66,500 transactions in 30 months.

This was far quicker than manual estimates to complete the task (around 71 months).

Kryon’s approach to Hybrid automation allows businesses to enhance productivity by optimizing human and virtual workforce collaboration.

Kryon RPA Platform Dashboard


Leapwork uses next-generation visual language to enable the automation of computer-based tasks.

Their tools are designed to be accessible, meaning that anyone can enjoy the benefits of automation.

Leapwork’s RPA tools are accessed through visual flowcharts.

This allows the user to easily access and organize tasks.

Leapwork puts the focus on making automation user-centric.

To achieve this Leapwork Agents can manage back-office administration, in-service desk functions, and other computer necessary tasks.

Leapwork uses next-generation visual language to enable the automation of computer-based tasks


Makeitright design technology-based digital solutions for businesses.

Makeitright solutions are constructed with the aim of delivering automation.

When implemented correctly they will help to eliminate errors from basic, repetitive tasks while also optimizing the process.

Makeitright’s AI-supported RPA tools to operate solely on a surface level.

This means that the company’s existing IT architecture does not need to be redesigned.

It also means that the user’s security is not compromised.

Makeitrights solutions deliver easy automation in a robust and secure framework, allowing businesses to optimize their processes.


NICE aims to help companies better understand and utilize the power of big data.

To achieve this goal the company has developed a range of RPA tools such as their Automation Finder.

The Automation Finder is designed to help secure and assist a user’s RPA journey.

This is vital, between 30 and 50% of RPA journeys fail.

This is often because the transition hasn’t been properly planned or implemented.

Tools such as the Automation Finder aim to reduce failure rates by assisting in the automation journey.

Nice has also designed NEVA.

NEVA is a virtual assistant constructed with the aim of aiding front and back-office processes.

Automation implementation here can help to streamline workflow, saving operations time and money.

NICE’s RPA software robots can also be installed in back-end servers where they carry out repetitive, admin focused tasks.

Again this can help to save operation time, allowing human employees to focus on more high-value tasks.

It can also help to cut costs and reduce errors.

NICE RPA user interface


Nintex aims to provide RPA tools and software for a range of industries.

Their solutions are designed to aid in automating the workforce.

Nintex RPA tools enable the automation of routine tasks through leveraging trained bots.

Nintex solutions sit alongside existing systems, this means that they don’t code or other time-consuming processes to set up.

This makes them quick and easy to establish.

Nintex RPA tools allow users to access enterprise-grade process management and automation solutions.

These tools are robust and capable of dealing quickly with both structured and unstructured data sets.

This capability, making the most of the masses of data, is key to businesses thriving in the digital age.

Nintex RPA software enables the automation of routine tasks through leveraging trained bots.

Nividous RPA

Global software company Nividous specializes in “delivering digital process automation solutions”.

Their RPA platform deploys AI-enabled, cognitive bots to tackle set tasks in a system.

This enables the automation of repetitive, high-volume, and manual tasks.

Easy to build and implement, their bots integrate into an existing interface.

This versatility allows the user to quickly establish a secure and scalable solution.

Nividous RPA software can be deployed in a range of industries such as healthcare, finance, and manufacturing.

Their solutions enable the automation and optimization of tasks.

This allows companies to reduce mistakes while improving productivity and value for money.


Texas-based NTT DATA Services is a global IT service provider.

They specialize in enabling businesses to make the most of the digital world.

NTT DATA Services offers industry-focused solutions.

For example, their RPA for Healthcare software uses “proprietary process assessment tools to determine the right process candidates by assessing applicability, priority, and types of automation required”.

Similarly, their RPA Consulting for Mortgage service enables automation and innovative technologies to be implemented in high-cost areas.

NTT Data partly owned by NTT the giant Japanese telecommunications conglomerate

Olive AI

Olive provides AI and RPA software and tools to help empower healthcare-focused organizations.

Olive uses RPA tools alongside computer vision and machine learning to take an “impact-driven approach to AI implementation”.

This provides long term value by helping to reduce administrative errors and improve both operational efficiency and patient care.

Olive works by automating high-volume, costly tasks.

Once trained Olive works cognitively, making complex decisions more accurately and quickly than human counterparts.

Olive helps to improve supply chain management, identify price variance in the market and manage cash collection and acceleration.

This helps to make healthcare provision more affordable and efficient.

It also helps healthcare professionals to focus more of their time on healthcare provision.

Onvisource ia.Enterprise

Onvisource’s ia.Enterprise suite offers RPA software and cloud-based services and solutions.

These solutions and services are aimed at helping to deliver intelligent automation to a range of critical functions.

Much of this is focused on automating processes in contact centers as well as front and back offices.

Automata, the Onvisource’s ia.Enterprise RPA platform is designed to complete repetitive office-based tasks.

These are time-consuming processes such as filling out online forms or communicating with other systems.

A flexible suite, Onvisource’s ia.Enterprise solutions are able to adapt to new situations and developments.

Open RPA

Open RPA host and provide enterprise-grade, open-source RPA software.

This software is primarily focused on the automation of office-based tasks.

Open RPA and OpenFlow enable central management of workflows, graphs and other office-based tasks to be automated.

Centrally protected and encrypted, OpenFlow supports stand-alone projects and tasks.

Projects, alterations and other decisions relating to the software can be saved locally.

This means that Open RPA will happily operate without an internet connection.


Paanini provides AI-driven integrated automation solutions to help businesses solve complicated problems.

Despite being a relative newcomer to this area, Paanini already has 8 Fortune 100 clients.

Their JiffyRPA combines intelligent data capture systems, AI tools, analytics, and RPA tools.

This allows users to improve efficiency and productivity.

JiffyRPA is web-based and code-less.

Its advanced UI object identification is capable of working across a range of applications and programs.

It is also capable of cognitive document processing.

This means that it can read any document type, accurately interpreting and processing it.

Paanini’s Jiffy AI RPA tool


Pegasystems produce software designed to help businesses thrive in the digital world.

Their RPA toolkit, known as Pega, enables complete “enterprise digital transformation”.

The Pega platform enables complete unification of front and back-office operations.

This, when successfully implemented, enables businesses to work quicker and smarter.

Pega RPA tools can be implemented in a range of industries


Perpetuuiti is an enterprise software product company.

Perpetuuiti focuses on developing tools and solutions to help companies to transform into digital compatible operations.

Their Ops-Central RPA software enables the automation of day-to-day operational processes.

Ops-Central also enables labor-intensive tasks and human to technology interactions to be automated by emulating the decision making process.

As well as optimizing workflow and production times, automation adoption helps reduce human error and makes the workforce more efficient.

Perpetuuiti’s Ops-Central RPA software


Since 2013 Qruize has been providing innovative AI-driven automation solutions.

Their Qruize Magic RPA software enables 99% of an organization’s data management needs to be automated.

Qruize Magic works by creating digital workforces to take on the work of their human counterparts.

The Qruize Magic software can be implemented across a range of industries such as banking, insurance, and healthcare.

Here it enables automation of a range of tasks including, loan processing, journal entry, data identification, and extraction and notification generation.

Redwood Software

Redwood Software aims to deliver automation on an industrial scale, providing customers with fully managed, mission-critical automation solutions.

Their finance services enable the automation of repetitive tasks and back-office processes such as invoice management.

The company also provides RPA software for workload automation, RunMyJobs.

This allows for dynamic task scheduling and real-time management.

Utilizing RPA tools in this way also helps to increase productivity, lower technical debt and encourage successful digital transformation.

A cloud-based service, no infrastructure changes are necessary while maintenance is kept to a minimum.


Finance focused digital service provider, Rimilia delivers synchronized solutions that allow customers to grow their organization in a digital world.

Their Cash and Collect services enable users to automate and manage their cash flow.

Meanwhile, Rimilia Insight uses RPA tools to track customer habits and behaviors, creating an accurate risk profile.

This application helps loan providers to reduce risk, and potential loss, by identifying potentially high-risk customers.

Finally, Rimilia Resolve uses RPA tools to help monitor customer disputes as well as suggesting ways to resolve the issue.

These applications can help financial service providers cut risk, better manage finances and provide a more satisfactory customer service experience.

Rimilia RPA for Accounts Receivable departments


German company Servicetrace has been developing “innovative robotic solutions for 15 years”.

Their RPA software platform is known as XceleratorOne or X1.

It has been developed with the aim of delivering successful automation whenever and wherever it is applied.

X1 allows the user complete control over the planning, implementation, operation, and scale of their RPA operation.

All of this is achieved by accessing a secure, central platform, making complete control and management trouble-free.

Servicetrace believes that X1 is the “most comprehensive RPA platform” that is currently available.

ServiceTrace RPA software platform is known as XceleratorOne or X1


Named a “strong performer” in The Forrester Wave RPA Q4 2019 report.

Softomotive is a leading provider of RPA solutions, serving over 8,000 clients across the world.

Their ProcessRobot is a combination of RPA tools in the form of a platform.

This platform helps businesses reduce their operational costs while increasing productivity, performance and efficiency levels.

The ProcessRobot is designed to allow for the automation of routine operations across an organization.

This includes tasks such as workflow automation and better data processing and analysis while reducing human error.

Successful implementation of the ProcessRobot helps businesses cut costs by reducing the need for back-office resources without compromising their high standards.

Softomotive’s RPA tool ProcessRobot allows the automation of routine operations


Founded in Romania, in 2013 UiPath launched a desktop automation program.

Since then the company has been developing and refining RPA solutions, making them the “fastest-growing enterprise software company in history.”

UiPath understands that the RPA journey can be complicated.

For this reason, they focus on making sure the client is fully prepared before the journey begins.

Their Studio Designer enables code-free modeling and automation visualization.

This application works by observing the client, recording their actions and creating an accurate template.

The template allows Orchestrator, a scalable platform, to function effectively.

Orchestra manages the workforce, deals with auditing, scheduling, critical enterprise duties, and workload and asset management tasks.

Finally, the UiPath Robot takes on the role of the automated assistant.

Capable of working alone or under supervision it automates high-volume processes, reducing the need for human intervention.

Daniel Dines CEO UIPATH at a conference

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Customer engagement company Verint helps organizations modernize their customer engagement with both hybrid and cloud solutions.

This is done by leveraging advanced analytics technology and AI to implement automation solutions.

Verint’s tools help businesses to grow in the digital age, better engaging their customer base.

Their RPA software robots help users automate rule-based time-consuming business processes optimizing process time and reducing human error.

Verint RPA robots can replace the need for specific and multi-step tasks to be carried out manually.

This helps to increase employee productivity by allowing them to focus on high-value tasks.

Verint RPA robots


VisualCron is an RPA tool for Windows.

It enables users to benefit from AI and advanced automation and integration.

VisualCron’s drag and drop interface is easy to navigate.

This means that you don’t need to be a programmer to enjoy the benefits of automation across a range of tasks and protocols.

VisualCron has a range of features that enable the automation of repetitive or rules-based tasks.

This allows employees to focus on high value or complicated tasks.

Successful implementation of this RPA software allows companies to optimize process time while also cutting costs and human error.

VisualCron is an RPA tool for Windows.


WINWAI believes that AI technology is revolutionary, not evolutionary.

As well as helping organizations value data they also aim to help organizations scale quickly.

Additionally, WINWAI helps customers to optimize every part of their operations process.

To this end, WINWAI uses RPA tools alongside AI and action modules.

This enables the user to automate their workflow process as well as generating robots capable of carrying out office-based tasks.

As well as developing RPA tools, WINWAI also delivers neuroscience and cognitive solutions.

These work alongside data analytics and AI-based business solutions.

An emerging player in the RPA field WINWAI has already partnered with major organizations such as Kora and Garanti.


New York-based WorkFusion understands that the rise of automation and AI has made many processes and operations unnecessarily complicated.

WorkFusion aims to help customers navigate this complexity as well as identifying opportunities that operating in the digital world presents.

Their Intelligent Automation Cloud is a collection of centrally managed RPA tools in a customizable suite.

This means that it can be adapted to suit a variety of operations and functions.

Intelligent Automation Cloud enables a range of tasks to be automated.

These include workflow management and task scheduling as well as the human to robot collaboration.

The Intelligent Automation Cloud is also equipped with machine learning capabilities and advanced analytic capabilities.

This means that the software can be scaled as a business grows and changes.

Fully secure the Intelligent Automation Cloud unites all the RPA tools necessary for automation under one umbrella.

This allows users to optimize their processes, enhancing workflow, cutting unnecessary costs and eliminating human error.

WorkFusion RPA allows for workflow management and task scheduling as well as the human to robot collaboration.

RPA is Increasingly Growing in Use and Importance

RPA software and RPA tools are increasingly becoming more complex and advanced.

As this progress continues, RPA tools are also becoming more versatile and useful.

This makes adoption more likely.

As accessibility increases, robotic implementation, as well as other digital solutions, will become more common for a range of businesses and sectors.

This will help to make businesses and operations more efficient and effective.

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KC Cheung has over 18 years experience in the technology industry including media, payments, and software and has a keen interest in artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, neural networks and its applications in business. Over the years he has worked with some of the leading technology companies, building and growing dynamic teams in a fast moving international environment.