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iProov UK-based Facial Biometric Company to Secure US Border

iProov UK-based Facial Biometric Company to Secure US border
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iProov, a foremost provider of biometric facial verification technology, prides itself on becoming the first-ever British and foreign firm to receive a contract from the US Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate’s Silicon Valley Innovative Program(SVIP).

The company got the contract aimed at providing assistance to the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in improving the process of passenger entry.

Founded back in 2011 by Andrew Bud who serves as the company’s CEO, iProov is a London-based firm with facial recognition biometric technology that has been patented both in the UK and US.

What ’s more, the technology is utilized by governments and banks across the globe for secure log-on, customer onboarding, and authentication. The iProov technology also helps in making sure that both returning and new users are genuine and protect s against fraudulent attempts to use stolen identity or access personal data.

The recently awarded contract to iProov will see the London-based firm come up with groundbreaking technology that aims at enhancing cross-border passenger travel, especially at unmanned ports of entries while at the same time cutting down the processing time.

This endeavor could aid the US CBP to identify travelers reliably, quickly, and accurately as they process through the United States border crossings.

iProov’s technology is expected to work with the already implemented CBP systems, particularly on which travelers’ information is pre-registered.

Before reaching the US border, whether en-route or at home, travelers will be in a position to self-serve the document check that usually takes place at the border crossing point through authenticating themselves securely using their mobile phone to their pre-registered photo. Compared to conventional techniques, this process is considered much quicker and simpler.

The Secretary of State for the UK Department for International Trade Dr. Liam Fox said that the US and UK are world leaders when it comes to cybersecurity.

Through close collaboration across multiple sectors, trade between the two nations increased to £ 181.2 billion pounds in 2017. According to Liam Fox, the situation made the US not only their largest export market but also their biggest trading partner.

iProov was selected for the job due to its capability to identify ‘spoofs’. For the case of a self-serve identity verification setting, the system used has to have the power to confirm whether or not the individual presenting himself or herself for verification is the genuine owner of the ID as opposed to a screen image, photo or even manipulated video.

The company boasts 10 granted patents in the US and UK for the technology with the capacity to recognize spoofs. As such, it can help governments in dealing with the increased pressure from growing traveler numbers by securely and swiftly verifying each traveler.

According to iProov’s CEO Andrew Bud, the awarding of the contract by such a key American institution acts as a testament to the high level of confidence in the UK’s cybersecurity industry.

Furthermore, he said that the contract speaks volumes regarding the quality of the cybersecurity industry in the nation and the efficacy of connections between university and industry. Bud also acknowledged the support from the Department of Media, Culture, and Sport.

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