UK’s Population Ready to Share Data with NHS but not with Pharma on AI Projects

UK’s Population Ready to Share Data with NHS but not with Pharma on AI Projects
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A recent report indicated that over half of the UK’s population is ready to share its personal data with the NHS as opposed to pharma companies in a bid to facilitate the advancement of AI projects.

The KMPG survey, which involved 2,000 Britons, indicated that 51% of individuals are concerned about data privacy while a majority asserted that they are not willing to share their data with UK-based organizations for artificial intelligence (AI) purposes.

The report also revealed that 56% of the population asserted that it would be willing to share its personal data with the NHS, particularly if it resulted in improved services. However, only 15% of the respondents were prepared to share their data with pharmaceutical companies.

What’s more, 11% claimed that they would share the data with media entities while 8% and 7% said they would do the same with Internet companies and political organizations respectively.

The NHS also scored higher than other organizations. In fact, 47% of the surveyed individuals said they were prepared to share data for artificial intelligence (AI) projects with banking institutions. Other institutions including the government and the police got 22% and 33% respectively.

The KPMG report revealed that 53% of people surveyed were convinced that artificial intelligence (AI) would impact NHS positively. On the contrary, 10% said that the impact would be negative.

Authors behind the KPMG report dubbed “How the UK can win the AI race” made several recommendations. They include a national debate on the realities of AI and a ‘British Standard of Trust’ kitemark for data security and AI as well as formalizing data regulation systems for AI.

The authors also suggested the creation of “Data Innovation Zones” whereby developers would be provided with access to anonymized health data, a culture of life-long learning and more recognition for subjects beyond STEM and addressing the AI talent gap through better education in school.

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