Voice Experiences More Human than Deepmind or Facebook on Offer Thanks to Voice AI Company Voysis

Voice Experiences More Human than Deepmind or Facebook on Offer Thanks to Voice AI Company Voysis
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As the name suggests, Voysis is a voice artificial intelligence (AI) company that was founded in Dublin, Ireland back in 2012. The company’s founders have always believed that voice will be the first point of contact between man and machine, and with the way things are going, they could well be right.

Voysis Commerce is the name of this latest venture and what it does is it allows companies to develop their own AI system that uses voice in which to connect with its customers. It offers a native voice experience that can easily be integrated within apps, devices, and mobile websites. Adding voice to a website to give consumers a more heightened, personalized browsing experience.

The platform was built using various advanced AI techniques including deep learning, speech recognition, and natural language processing and understanding. Using voice-powered AI customers can search more easily for what they want by simply asking for it. And because it’s designed to be used for mobile devices, it makes shopping much easier when you are out and about.

“With recent advancements in voice technology, we’re now at a place to deliver these experiences at scale. We’re already working with some of the best known retailers to launch voice commerce imminently, helping them take back their customer relationships from companies like Amazon,” says voice-expert, founder, and CEO of Voysis, Dr. Peter Cahill. “While Alexa may have paved the way, the reality is few retailers want to allow Amazon to own their customer data and relationships. We not only have a better, more accurate, contextualised solution, but one that appeals to brands.”

According to the Meeker Report released earlier this year, voice-powered AI search is all set to take over traditional typing searches. Voysis completed its own research and confirmed:
Around 60% of all online traffic comes from mobile sources

A whopping 50% of all online retailers are searchable via mobile voice search.
Over 80% of consumers said using voice technology makes it easier to find what they’re looking for. 89% said voice searching is much faster.

So, it seems that both consumers and retailer are already jumping onboard with voice powered AI technology, and why not? If it makes it easier and more enjoyable for consumers and will help them to stop abandoning carts filled online, then it has to be worth a go, right?

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