6 Jobs which Artificial Intelligence is Replacing Now

6 Jobs which Artificial Intelligence is Replacing Now
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New age technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics are causing significant digital transformation in many industries. Almost every enterprise experiencing digital disruption is trying to leverage such technologies.

Analytics and AI coupled with cloud enterprise software have provided a collective, explorative and focused way of handling data.

In fact, repetitive jobs that were previously done by humans are now accomplished using AI whereas machine learning powered AI tools are useful in giving insights and detecting patterns.

Machine learning capabilities have dramatically changed how organizations conduct business. AI robots have overtaken the role of performing repetitive task like checking invoices. Machine learning has also enabled industries to reach new efficiency levels. Aside from paving the way for new strategies and digital models, these tools are changing how enterprises conduct business.

For instance, Watson, an IBM supercomputer, can not only process data at 67 million pages per second but also convert the data into actionable information. Here are some six areas that have significantly witnessed growing digital technology intervention as follows:

1. Research

AI-powered virtual assistants like SIRI, Cortana and Alexa have made locating of reports, reviews and white papers much simpler.

2. Repetitive tasks

mundane tasks like scheduling meetings at a time that is convenient for all workers can be executed through AI software and tools easily. In fact, anyone can operate these tools to perform such tasks since no specific skills are required.

3. Data Entry

AI assistants and tools have eliminated the resources and time used in performing tasks like taking notes and filling out forms. Notes from each meeting are logged into the system automatically for easy access.

4. Retail

Companies have reduced the necessity for sales persons in the retail sector. Services such as self-checkout have been introduced. The introduction of AI in the retail industry also seeks to eliminate the need for assistance from a sales person during the shopping duration.

5. Search

Search engines were humankind’s first intelligent assistants. Will everyone looking for information, increased advanced technology will lead to optimized and better search.

6. Sales calls analysis

AI tools are being incorporated into sales calls analysis and content marketing plans like email marketing. They can execute such activities much faster in comparison to humans.

Shashank Dixit, the CEO of Deskera, has argued that the use of AI will lead to the automation of some human endeavor areas due to the growth of additional complex neural networks. According to a 2017, PwC report: Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, other areas such as agriculture, manufacturing, logistics, defence and security could experience an upward trend in the impact of AI tools.

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