Google acquires AIMatter, maker of AI, artificial intelligence app Fabby

Artificial Intelligence Start Up Fabby
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We have seen modern technology advance to greater heights in the last few decades. When you hear the term “computer vision,” they are talking about how AI, artificial intelligence, allows computers to process and “see” images as we humans do (in some instances, AI can comprehend pictures better than us). All of this is at the heart of how future generations of technology are developing. This week, Google made an offer to help this advancement along.
Google has officially acquired AIMatter, a startup that was founded in Belarus. AIMatter has built an SDK and and a network-based neural AI platform in order to process images on a mobile platform, quicker than ever before. Along with a photo and video editing app, it makes up a proof-of-concept tech program called Fabby.

The deal between Google and artificial intelligence startup AIMatter officially closed today, and we had knowledge of the deal as far back as May. AI, artificial intelligence program Fabby and Google confirmed the deal to us, and an official statement has been made by a Google spokesperson: “We are excited to welcome the AIMatter team to Google.”
While terms of this sale have not been disclosed, rest assured that Fabby will continue to run. It is understood that the majority of AIMatter’s employees will be joining Google. AIMatter employees in countries such as Switzerland, have not disclosed if they will be relocate or stay where they are.

With the help of Haxus, a venture fund that specializes in AI, artificial intelligence, startups, AI program Fabby has raised nearly $2 million in funding.

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